Double-Head Pallet Feet Machine—Ideal Machine of Disposing Sawdust

Introduction of double-head pallet feet machine

Double-head pallet feet machine mainly uses wood sawdust and shaving or other scrap woods and others agricultural waste like cotton seeds, shell husks as raw materials, mixing with glue in an certain ratio, extruding wood pallet block by hot press heating pressure.

Wood pallet block machine is one of the key parts of the pallet block production line, including wood crusher, wood drying machine, gluing machine, conveyor, manual or automatic cutting machine or saw.

The final wood pallet block can be used as pallet foot replaced log, and also can be used in export package.

There are a lot of sawdust in the wood working factories, furniture factories, match factories, wooden pallet plants, and so on. But how to dispose sawdust? This is the big problem for many woodworking factories. However, PalletMach can give you some useful suggestion.

For example:

Recycling sawdust into pallet feet. In addition, this project is very cost-effective. You not only can dispose sawdust, but also can gain more additional value.

The technology process of pallet feet machine is very simple. And the following is the flow chart.

1.Raw material         2. crushing         3.drying         4.mixing with glue     5. hot pressing        6. long pallet block        7. cutting         8. final block

Technical parameters of wood pallet feet machine

Capacity: 3-6 m3/24 h

Dimensions: 4800*780*1320

Power: 12-19 kW

Weight: 1050-1500 kg

Density of pallet feet: 550-600 kg/m3

Block size: 75-140 in width, 75-140 in length.

Raw materials of wood pallet block machine

  1. Urea formaldehy glue.
  2. Wood shavings, wood sawdust, small wood chip, and other wood waste materials (the moisture content is about 8-10%).

Raw materials for pallet feet machine

Features of wood pallet block machine

  1. Simple machine, and easy operation. One person could handle 3 machines.
  2. High efficiency. Double heads improve production efficiency
  3. Cross-section is completely vertical, reducing the previous cutting loss.
  4. Setting the cutting length by entering the value, fully automatic, and suitable for the specifications of pallet block.
  5. Saving the production cost and enhancing the process of automation.
  6. Pallet block machine could recycle the wood waste efficiently.
  7. Free fumigation. Because the pallet block is made by hot pressing, it is free fumigation.

pallet feet machine

Final compressed pallet feet

  1. Free fumigation and free quarantine.
  2. Insect prevention, protection against termites and do not easy to burn.
  3. Uniform heating, thorough glue curing, high density, meeting the E1 grade.
  4. Smooth and clean surface, good waterproof performance.
  5. Large load capacity, and easy to nail.
  6. Customized sizes are available.

compressed pallet feet

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