New type plastic pallet making machine gains ground in pallet industry

New type plastic pallet making machine is the new generation plastic pallet machine independently produced by Shanghai Pallet Machinery.

There are no firm statistics on plastic pallet manufacturing. But it is generally believed that injection molding and thermoforming are the dominant processing methods. However, there are little plastic pallet making machine manufacturers in the world. Even though the processing technology is simple, Shanghai Pallet Machinery invents the new plastic pallet processing method. The new processing method is compression molded.

Injection molding is one of the most popular processes of shaping plastics to a desired pallet shape and size. It is suitable for large scale production, especially where the same design of plastic pallet should be molded several times.

But the production cost of injection molding pallet machine is very high. The price of raw materials is 50% higher than the compression molded ones. On the contrary, the raw materials of compression molded plastic pallet machine are waste plastic, plastic bottle, plastic pallet, plastic material.

Pressed plastic pallet making machine has high-output process with low-cost tooling. The technology processing of pressed molding is simpler than injection molding. So the price of pressed plastic pallet making machine is cheaper than injection molding machine.

New type plastic pallet making machine has the wider application fields with good performance characteristics.

New type plastic pallet making machine

Our pallet machines have reached the advanced level comparing with the overseas countries. So it may be the better credible machines at the right minute. Pressed pallet making machine can save more than 50% by comparing with the traditional pallet machine.

plastic pallet produced by pressed plastic pallet machine

Shanghai Pallet Machinery continuously insists on cooperating with the advanced foreign companies. And we also enrich our own production experience of pallet machine. In order to satisfy our customers’ requirement, we are on the road of updating. Furthermore, we can specially design the craftsmanship for our customers, choosing the most reasonable model. Meanwhile we also guide the operators at the jobsites.

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