Do you see the miscanthus pallets made by pallet making machine?

Now I will tell you the story of miscanthus pallets made by pallet making machine. Last Friday, my colleague Eric received a client from US and he brought a big bag of Miscanthus.

Miscanthus is the raw materials he planned to produce pallets. What is Miscanthus? It is said to look like this.

These photos are taken in his farm, and he said he has a lot every year! When we heard it first time, we think it is crazy thing. Because after translation, it is just a kind of grass, grass, grass…Grass to become Pallets! Unbelievable!

But when we got the photos, we think it might work. The fiber seems good still. When we got them yesterday, Frank and I were preparing to test them with small pallets and see whether it can be taken as raw materials.

Drying–Metering the moisture–Mixing with glue–pallet making machine.

Then we finally got this.

Miscanthus pallet

Seems good huh, in fact the quality is very nice. Unbelievable! Oh my gosh! What the hell can I say? It is awesome! And then we produced small pallets until dark!

Then will it be possible to produce big pallets?

You are a good man with such a good question!!

Today is really hot, really hot, really really hot, my friend. But anyway, we have to do it!

Drying–Metering the Moisture-Mixing with Glue–pallet making machine.
Miscanthus pallet making machine

Final pallets, miscanthus pallets made by miscanthus pallet making machine.
Miscanthus pallets
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