Finland customer visit wooden pallet making machine in July

Finland customer visit wooden pallet making machine in July, 2017. Joensuu Science Park Ltd is committed to the work of environmental protection, research etc. They have business in Chongqing, Kunming, Beijing, Guangzhou, etc. This time, only one customer came, because he is familiar with China, and also have business doing in China.

They have a lot of raw materials, such as waste wood chips, timbers, waste pallets, and so on. They must burn the wastes, if they do not make the pallets or other products. However, burning is not environmental, so they found us. They want to make the pallets, so they choose our wood pallet making machine. Here are the raw materials of them:

material of wooden pallet making machine

According to customer’s needs, the capacity is much higher, for 10 sets of double-mould wooden pallet making machine and 15 set other size moulds. The Finish customer tended to the 24 hours of presswood pallet machine, because they don’t want the machine just stand there without working.

We tested the wooden pallet making machine, and it was very successful. He was very satisfied. And he was also satisfied with the crusher machine, chipping machine, and drying machine. Because now it is still holiday, he said they will discuss the project at the beginning of the August. They will come again later of this year. We also wish they can come, wish we can cooperating earlier.

Finished pallets:

Finland customer visit wooden pallet making machine

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