Where to find plastic pallet machine manufacturer?

Plastic pallet machine has some types, as a professional plastic pallet machine manufacturer, PalletMach produces plastic pallet making machine or called plastic pallet moulding machine.

plastic pallet machine

The compressed plastic pallet has following advantages, high precision, with high durability, high automation, and better molds design.

compressed plastic pallet

Compressed plastic pallet introduction

  • 400×600 mm, 600×800 mm, 800×1000 mm, 800×1200 mm, 1000×1200 mm, 1100 ×1100 mm
  • Pallet weight varies from 10~22 kg.
  • Loading capacity: 2 ~3 tons (dynamic load) and 6~8 tons (static load).

Plastic pallet machine parameter

Plastic pallet making machine

Model  PM 1000 PM 1200
Pressure 0–1000 tons (adjustable) 0–1200 tons (adjustable)
Hydraulic oil cylinder quantity 4 4
Dimension 2000*1400*3500 mm 2000*1400*3500 mm
Shaping cycle 450 seconds 450 seconds
Pressure increasing time 350 seconds 350 seconds
Capacity 160 pieces/24 hours 180 pieces/24 hours
Power 18.5 kW 18.5 kW
Weight 22 tons 22 tons

The compressed plastic pallet is a new pallet mould compressed by our machine. And pressed plastic pallet is better than the traditional plastic pallet. Besides, it is a good project to recycle waste plastic and make more money.

If you are interested in our plastic pallet making machine, you can send email to us  [email protected] or leave a message. While, if you want to build a plastic pallet production line, we also can provide one-stop solution.


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