European Sawmill Industry is Promoting The Use of Non-Popular Wood Species

One of the timber importers has acknowledged the excellent physical properties and durability of wood species such as red ironwood and greenwood. Especially in the characteristics of wood, which are resistant to abrasion and marine mites. In addition, the long service life of red ironwood and greenwood in salt water and fresh water for 60 years, which makes these two woods a mainstream product in the timber market. However, another timber importer said that it is only part of his business, the industry related to the sales of red ironwood and greenwood. Among other projects he operates, red ironwood and greenwood are not “must use” of wood type.

A spokesperson for the timber import company said: “allowing for the blending of multiple wood species, the term “appropriate use” to specify the wood species will make the timber trade market more diversified. And it also further support the national forestry is moving in the direction of sustainable development.”

Dr. John Williams, an expert in the field of wood species and the chief consultant of the international environmental consultancy RSK (wood species and structure), believes that the development of tropical hardwoods for marine defense and other purposes will benefit the forestry industry. Also, there is still considerable room for development in this field.

European sawmill industry

“As STTC concluded in the report on the potential of Suriname and its less used species, if the STTC can use more reliable non-hot species from these sources, this market development will increase forest development,” the doctor said. The value and will motivate the local forestry industry for sustainable management.”

Dr. Williams insists that it is the right time to take action to open the market. In particular, it is necessary to take into account the growing concern about marine plastic pollution. Thus, it is integrant to use wood as raw materials to enter the marine defense and other related industries.

“To conduct the research, the timber sales industry provides data on the structural strength and other aspects of timber in small-category trees, which is necessary for us to allow local governments and other instructors to directly select the appropriate type of timber into the relevant industry. Without such data, given the level of competition in the market, the government is likely to lose patience in choosing which wood to put into use. This will not be able to promote the use of non-hot wood species,” Dr. Williams said.

This is a new and vast timber market. But this goal requires multiple efforts to work together.

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Now, our company has already had a very professional pre-sale, sale and after-sales team. We will provide the most suitable wood pallet production line and system solutions concerning about client company itself as well as the local market competition of the raw materials and product. Taking one customer in Poland as an example, he purchased a hot press machine for testing. And then he bought 9 hot press machines after the test. At present, daily pallet capacity is about 2000 pieces and Net Profit is 50000 RMB per Day.

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