Strong adaptation equipment for press pallet

Equipment for press pallet is the special wood pallet pressing machine. And it is also called pressed wood pallet machine, molded wood pallet press machine, presswood pallet moulding machine. Why is pressed wood pallet machine so popular in the pallet machine market? PalletMach helps you find out the reasons.

equipment for press pallet

Reasons why equipment for press pallet is popular

  1. The complete set of unit

Integral operation eliminates the complex of the frame and all facilities installation operations, greatly reducing the consumption of materials and working hours. Reasonable and compact unite distribution makes a maximum optimization of layout space in the working site. The single press pallet machine occupies a little space, but can produce more pallets.

  1. Reduction of material cost

Pressed wood pallet machine can process wood waste, shavings, sawdust, wood chips, waste wood pallet, and straws into press pallet. These raw materials can easy to get. Especially they maybe are free in wood processing factory, furniture factory. They are the scrap materials and leftover materials. Therefore, press pallet machine can largely reduce he production costs.

  1. Direct and effective operation

Pressed wood pallet machine can also satisfy the pressed pallet demands according to the various materials types and production requirement. Besides it has independent utility. The direct and effective organization generation and logistics operation helps a maximum cost reduction. The operation of pallet machine is very easy. In addition, we will send the technical staffs to train the workers.

  1. Strong adaptation

Equipment for press pallet provides characteristic unit configuration with simple and low-cost combination. With strong adaptation, pressed wood pallet machine can realize the unit independent operation and unit joint operation.

  1. Good final press pallet

The final press pallet of pallet machine is also very good with nice appearance. What’s more, final press pallets also meet IPSM 15, and are ready for export.

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