Elite industrial athletes at PalletMach automatic pallet machines

Keeping Our Team in Tip-Top Shape for the Daily Slalom

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The 2018 Winter Olympics just over last week, all eyes would soon be on the elite athletes of our country. But every day, we’ve got our eyes on the industrial athletes at PalletMach. While there are no gold medals for our team members, their health and wellness are essential to our company’s ability to provide outstanding pallet machines and services. PalletMach has the professional pre-sale, sales and after-sales service team, and we will provide our clients with the most appropriate pallet making production lines and system solutions.

What are industrial athletes?

Just like professional athletes, industrial athletes use their talents in jobs that require skill, strength, flexibility and endurance. While pallet machine manufacturers aren’t racing towards a finish line, they are still competing to exceed the industry standard so that we can provide the very best for our customers. That’s why we count our team among the elite industrial athletes.

Why do we place emphasis on health and wellness in automatic pallet machines?

Just like professional elite athletes, our team members work on the same types of jobs, day in and day out. As any athlete will tell you, repetition and overuse can lead to injury, so we do all we can to prevent injuries to our workers. Keeping their career enjoyable and their body healthy outside of work is one of our top priorities. After all, our team is among our most valuable assets.

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How Our Team Trains Like Olympians

1. Basic Training

To be the best, you have to start with the proper skills. Olympic athletes work on the basic mechanics of their sport before ever moving into speed and endurance competitions. Often, this includes breaking motions down movement by movement to understand how the body works together. Likewise, each of our team members goes through training at PalletMach, which covers a variety of positions. From pallet machines to supporting equipment operators, our training ensures that everyone knows how the pieces and parts work together to create our products.

2. Injury Prevention

Making sure you aren’t hindered by avoidable injuries is just as important as improving your performance. Like we said above, overuse and repetition of a specific body part can cause stress and injuries. For Olympic athletes, that may mean going back to the basics and remastering them. For our team, this comes in the form of safety reminders in our monthly newsletter. These safety reminders, along with additional training as needed, keep our teammates safe and alert.

3. Proper Preparation

“Proper planning prevents poor performance.” We take that to heart. These few moments to focus on the physical demands and safe procedures for our team put everyone in the right frame of mind for peak performance during work.

4. Skill Enhancement

Personal effectiveness skills are essential to personal growth and for successful performances. They are not isolated to independent performance. Everyone should has a strong set of personal skills work on a team. PalletMach adheres to teamwork. And we arrange skill enhancement program and team activities regularly. Therefore, all staffs are participating in the company.

When you see an athlete, whether it’s an Olympian or an industrial athlete, they make it look so easy. Keep in mind that each has spent hours and hours mastering the basic skills and training to compete at that level, whether it’s at the Olympics or their assign work.

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