500,000 m3 of Wood Damaged by Vaia in Tyrol, Damaged Forests are Reusable

400,000 m3 in East Tyrol and 100,000 m3 in North Tyrol. These are the estimates after the storm Vaia, which occurred at the end of October in Tyrol.

In East Tyrol forests are affected on the entire area, in North Tyrol, the damage is concentrated in the southern part of the region. About 20% of the total amount of wood is broken, the rest thrown.

damaged forests

Unlike in Carinthia, there has been no serious damage to the infrastructure. However, large parts of the wind throws are in extreme steep slopes and are difficult collect.

According to information from the Tyrolean forestry administration, some of the damaged forests haven’t been affected since a long time, with larch trees being thrown in larger quantities.

Therefore, it is believed that the top speed of the winds was greater than the officially stated 130 km/h.

How to deal with the damaged forests?

But how to deal with the damaged forests? Do you want to gain the wood waste additional value? If yes, please keep reading the following.

Wood wastes are all can be made into pressed wood pallets, such as scrap of the wood, sawdust wood chips, wood shaving, wood chips, big chips, raw wood, burned forests, logs, wood board, branches, timbers, wood flakes, and waste pallets, and so on. Contenting rich fiber also can be used to produce into moulded wood pallets, such as straw, waste kraft paper, bamboo, palm trees, coconut, softwood, wheat straw, bagasse, and miscanthus, and so on.

The magical equipment is moulded wood pallet machines. And wood pallet machine is our main item. PalletMach molded pallet pressing machines have updated three generations to solve the first generation of system stability problems, the second generation of raw materials problems and the third generation of the average daily output problems. Currently, our Raw Materials R & D department is experimenting the pallet synthesis processes without glue. Soon after, environmentally friendly, energy-saving molded pallets will be put into production. Hence, PalletMach will provide all customers with the formulations of pallet raw material without glue.

moulded wood pallet machines

Raw materials for moulded wood pallet machines are spreading all over the world, which lower the investment. And the raw material price is lower than the traditional pallet machine.

In addition, moulded wood pallet machines are the ideal equipment for wood recycling. They can change the waste into treasure, which process waste raw materials into green moulded wood pallets.

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