Compressed wood pallet block making machine with good service

Compressed wood pallet block making machine is the ideal equipment of producing pallet blocks for pallets. And it is also called sawdust pallet block machine, wood shaving block pressing machine and pallet blocks extruding machine.

And PalletMach impresses customers not only by quality, but also by good service.

Compressed wood pallet block making machine of PalletMach

In order to stabilize the market position for enterprises in the new century, PalletMach focuses on the customer service. At the same time, we also promote products and strengthen the brand. Besides, PalletMach convinces that the 21st century is the century of service. So the service will become the core competitiveness of pallet block machine industry.

compressed wood pallet block making machine

application of pallet block

PalletMach increases support training efforts for having development potential of pallet block machine industry. And we earnestly grasp the introducing work of new projects, to make sawdust pallet block machine ranking the world.

On the other hand, PalletMach is to strengthen the services on customer communication. And we provide customers with high quality pallet block extruding machine, installation and operation. Based on scientific and technological innovation, we constantly make contribute to promote the business bigger and stronger. In addition, we also increase the independent innovation, actively implement the transformation and upgrading. Hence, PalletMach is always at the leading position in the pallet block machine industry in China.

Meanwhile, we also provide one stop service for customers from worldwide, including scientific research, design, develop, manufacture, sales, installation, test and training.

Pre-sales service:

  1. Detailed customer consultation advice.
  2. Recommend the best choice of pallet blocks extruding machine according to the customer requirements.

Sales service: complete testing and commissioning of pallet blocks extruding machine, and develop the detailed process.

After-sales service: dispatch professional technical personnel to the site to guide the installation, commissioning and training of operators. And we also regularly visit to our clients.

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