Automatic pallet making machines lead the way of pallet industry

Automatic pallet making machines are the leading pallet machine with one time forming. And they are also called press pallet machine, pallet moulding machine, wood pallet machine, presswood pallet making machine, and so on.

As we all know, the innovation is key to the future. And it is also the strategy according to company characters and outside environment. There are so many kinds of pallet machine in the world market, but their application is different. People are familiar with the traditional pallet machine. However, the production cost is very high. Meanwhile, the raw materials for pallet are logs, which are the non-renewable resources. So the cost of the factory is very high.

Automatic pallet making machines are the innovation of pallet machines

As the fast development of modern economy and globalization, the logistics and warehouse industries also blossom. Hence, presswood pallets are more and more popular. Therefore, press pallet machine also develop well. PalletMach try her best to change the bad condition to suit the better market, through innovation. And PalletMach increase new blood for pallet machine development.

automatic pallet making machines

PalletMach new type pallet moulding machine absorbs progressive technology at home and abroad. What’s more, it is also the patented product of PalletMach. And the most distinctive feature is low production cost and proper investment. At the same time, pallet moulding machine engages simple process flow and high efficiency. In addition, the raw materials of the machine are easy to get, which low the production cost. A lot of raw materials can be produced into presswood pallet. They are anything contains wood fiber, such as wood chips, logs, timbers, wood shavings, waste wood, waste pallet, straw, and so on. The price of raw material is lower than the traditional pallet machine, even maybe free sometimes.

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