Introduction and characteristics of automatic pallet maker machine

Automatic pallet maker machine consist of the frame, oil cylinder, the hydraulic power system and the electrical system and other components. Pallet maker machine is not only can be used for wood pallet making production line, presswood pallet moulding production line, but also can replace old pallet maker production line.

Automatic pallet maker machine has prefect structure, and high production efficiency. Shanghai Pallet Machinery automatic pallet maker machine can be adjusted to meet the different needs of different users.

automatic pallet maker machine

The characteristics of automatic pallet maker machine

  1. Various raw materials, and wide range of applications

The raw materials of pallet maker machine are various, and anything contains wood fiber. They are waste wood, scrap of the wood, sawdust wood chips, wood shaving, wood chips, burned forest, logs, wood board, branches, timber, wood flakes, and waste pallets, and so on.

Straw, waste kraft paper, bamboo, palm trees, coconut, softwood, wheat straw, bagasse, and miscanthus are also the raw materials of pallet making machine.

Automatic pallet maker machine can produce all kinds of pallet. They are presswood pallet, wood pallet, and wooden pallet and so on.

  1. Reasonable design, high work efficiency

Automatic pallet maker machine adopts 3-beam 4-column structure, which self-designed by our experts. The service life of the machine is more than five times than the previous generation. In addition, the work efficiency increased by above 30%, comparing with other original products.

  1. Stable operation, and easy maintenance

Automatic pallet maker machine design is beautiful appearance, compact structure. And each component has to undergo a rigorous screening check. So pallet maker machine can achieve long-term normal operation. The final pallet is high precision, pressure resistance, and free fumigation.The machine is easy to maintain, because of modular design.

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