Automatic pallet block cutting machine is the best block equipment

Automatic pallet block cutting machine is the specific machine that to cut the long blocks (1 m or 1.2 m) into small pieces. And the cutting height is adjustable and with air compressor to work.

PalletMach is the famous supplier of pallet block cutting machine in China. And we have more than 15 years’ experience of manufacturing.

Pallet block cutting machine can be used for the automatic cutting of the pallet blocks. Besides, the square of the wood, and the length of the cutting is adjustable. And the 100*100 mm can be realizable under the same specifications. The pallet block size can be customized, size range from 75*75-145*145 mm, and 90*90 mm and 100*100 mm are the common styles.

Sawdust block cutting machine has simple structure and simple operation. And it cut out the shavings pallet block section smooth. Meanwhile, the whole cutting process of artificial touch operation to cutting saw blade, so it is very safe.

The final blocks can have one hole in the center or without hole. The sawdust block is made with high waterproof performance, and without broken in the water for 48 hours. In addition, sawdust block cutting machine is the automatic machine which can save the labor cost to a large extent. And the wood pallet block factory also can gain more profits.

automatic pallet block cutting machine

Features of automatic pallet block cutting machine

  1. High precision

The cutting block is totally vertical, smoothly for intersecting surface.

  1. High efficiency

Sawdust block cutting machine can cut blocks in 1800 pcs per hour, and also can work in 24 hours.

  1. Easy operation

1 worker can handle the machine, and it is very easy to operate.

  1. Low cost

Pallet block cutting machine can achieve low waste in cutting lose.

  1. Size adjustment

The machine is adjustable, so it can cut different size of block.

  1. Safety

The worker does not touch to the saw in the whole process, so it is very safe.

  1. Small occupied area

The whole machine only occupies less than 2 m3.

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