About Us

PalletMach is an international supplier of dependable, high quality but low-cost wood pallet machine. Established in 1999, Shanghai Pallet Machinery Co., Ltd was committed to environmental protection career. The first wood pallet production line came into operation formally on 1st, October, 2000. After more than ten years, we have provided the pallet production lines and unique system solutions for more than 300 clients who come from Europe, Asia, Africa, Latin America and Australia. The length of the produced pallets could circle around the earth 110 times, which saved 8.8 million tons of logs equaling to 92 km square kilometers of forest area, about 1/3 of forest-covering area in Amazon River.

Compressed wood pallet making machine has gone through Three Generations Update, which solved the system stability problem of first generation, scope of raw materials problem of second generation and daily capacity problem of third generation. Now, pallet making machine has reached a state of high stable system and various materials. The raw materials for pallet machine are sawdust, bamboo sawdust, wood shavings, and fiber crops as cotton straw, hemp stalk, sugar cane bagasse and so on. And single machine daily capacity has reached 205 pieces.

At present, our raw material R&D department is experimenting with pallet synthetic process without glue. Before long, pallets without glue which is more environmental and lower consumption will be put into production. Then we will provide raw material formula of pallet without glue to all clients.

Now, PalletMach has a very professional pre-sale, sale and after-sales team. We will provide the most suitable pallet production line and system solutions. And we also concern about customers’ companies as well as the local market competition of the raw materials and product. Taking one customer in Poland as example, he purchased a pallet making machine for testing. And then he bought 9 wood pallet making machines after the test. At present, daily pallet capacity is about 2000 pieces and Net Profit is 50000 RMB per day.

At present, PalletMach has over 500 wood pallet machines around the world, and we have wood pallet machines in Finland, Portugal, France, Greece, Iran, Australia, Mexico, Brazil, and so on.